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Vietnam Japan Gas Co., Ltd.
Vietnam Japan Gas Co., Ltd.
Địa Chỉ Liên Lạc
Số 33 Đường 3A, KCN Biên Hòa II, Đồng Nai

Đồng Nai
Việt Nam

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Số Nhân Viên : 50 - 150
Loại Công Ty : Trách Nhiệm Hữu Hạn
Ngành : Dịch Vụ
Website : http://vijagas.vn/

Cty TNHH Gas Việt Nhật

Vietnam Japan Gas Co., Ltd. (“VIJAGAS”) is a 100% Japanese Capitalized Company invested by Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation and Tomoe Shokai Co., Ltd.

Since its commercial operation in 1999, VIJAGAS has grown its strength to be one of the leading suppliers in industrial & medical gases in Vietnam.

Being the leading industrial & medical gas supplier in the region, VIJAGAS not only strive to maintain its position, but will continue to embark on programs of expansion to strengthen and complement its main business for future growth.

With sophisticated gas production facilities, VIJAGAS unceasingly offer its best services to all its customers & sectors of the industry such as high quality gases, specialty gases, mixture gases, pipeline system and customer services.

VIJAGAS is able to draw upon the technological expertise from its parent companies to serve the needs of industrial sectors. For customers who require technical advice, our groups with experienced engineers are always made available.

VIJAGAS has two Air Separation plants. The newest one which is one of the largest cryogenic plants in Vietnam, was completed in July 2005. The plants are fully computerized, incorporating with the latest technology, advanced distributed control system (DCS) and air compressing system for high operational efficiency.

We provide extensive products that are ranged from supplying by cylinder to supplying by tank lorry and pipeline. We are confident that we would be able to meet any of your requirements which are related to industrial gases

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